Personality matters

in professional headshots

In today’s digital-first world, your headshot is often the first impression you make online. But a generic, forced smile just won’t cut it anymore.

It’s not just about looking polished; it’s about capturing your unique personality and radiating the confidence you bring to the table.

Stand out

With a great headshot, every day is a good hair day and every smile is warm & approachable.

Your digital handshake

Your profile photo is working for you 24/7, making first impressions and introducing you to a world of opportunities.

Your brand

Present yourself at your best and take control of your professional reputation.

Not all headshots are

created equal

Rather than being another photographer who occasionally takes headshots, I specialize in them. In order to create high-end headshots I use best in class equipment, constant lights, camera etc, but most importantly I won’t just ask you to smile or say cheese! My superpower is to induce a genuine expression that other photographers may not be able to capture. The session will be fun and collaborative. I will be clear with directions and feedback. Your images are shown in real time to give you instant feedback and ensure that we are capturing the images you will be proud to share with the world. 


Authentic smiles and expressions don’t just happen for headshots. It’s my job to coach and cajole that out of you. These natural expressions create camera invisibility.

Atlanta Headshots

Acting headshots

Headshots, Academic headshots

Medical Headshots


LinkedIn Headshots

What’s the difference between high-end headshots

and portrait photography?

A headshot should be a zoom-in on your face, and a portrait shows more of your upper body. Portraits do not work well for social media because when these photos are shrunk down to the size needed for a profile picture, your face becomes too small for people to distinguish your features. Profile images on social media, including LinkedIn should be all about your face and your facial expression. 

Corporate Headshots
Corporate Headshots
Headshots, Actor headshots

Actor Headshots

A headshot is your #1 tool for landing jobs. Casting Directors scroll through countless faces every day. Yours needs to stand out. We will collaborate on the uses and characters you are auditioning for, and I will coach you into a variety of expressions to help you get booked. I can help you tell the stories about the characters you want to portray.

Corporate Headshots

Corporate headshots for everyone in your organization can ensure a unified brand image and complete staff directory. With a consistent quality & composition, you can be sure that they will raise your brand and help bring your team together. Investing in high-end headshots is an invstement that sees dividends.

Medical Headshots

In todays google environment, peple are researching doctors and making judgements about “fit” based on what they find on google and your practice website. Are your headshots working to attract patients? Are they conveying trustworthiness and attention to detail? Let me help you put your best face forward.



My job is to make you feel comfortable so that the confident version of YOU shines through. Laughter is one of the tools I use. It breaks down barriers and helps your genuine smile show through. Expect to smile, laugh, make faces, dance to your favorite tunes etc as we get you comfortable and ready to shine.

Every professional needs a high quality head shot – it’s how we make a first impression. Allison Fenton of Fenton’s Faces is one of the best head shot photographers I have ever worked with. She is an expert on lighting and positioning to get the perfect shot. I am so thrilled with my new photos – my incredible new headshot and fun pics to use in other social media posts. Allison is a true expert at her craft.



Allison is so unbelievably talented!! Her headshot sessions are very enjoyable, and she does a phenomenal job at capturing *exactly* the looks you are going for. One image after the next was beyond gorgeous! No matter what industry you are in, be sure to book a session with Fenton’s Faces right away. You’ll be glad you did!



Allison was incredible to work with! She brought a contagious energy to the session, and made sure I was happy with the experience and the photos throughout our time together. Her methodology for headshots resulted in the most beautiful and professional headshots I’ve ever received! WELL WORTH IT.


PhD Candidate

A great experience and an amazing work.
Allison takes “your profile picture is an investment” to the next level.
Besides an impressive lighting technique, she has all the tools and tips that dramatically enhance your looks.


Strategy & Transformation

Allison’s professionalism, expertise, and artistic vision are remarkable. She created a fun, relaxed, and comfortable atmosphere which allowed my daughter’s true self to be captured. She was prompt in getting back to me, as I was scrambling to find a photographer at the last minute. I am grateful for the experience, and highly recommend Allison for your headshot needs.



If you are looking for a truly amazing professional headshot experience, please don’t look anywhere but Fenton’s Faces. Allison Fenton has the equipment, process, creativity, and personality to produce the best results – headshots that look like YOU but a better you through her expertise. She will prepare you beautifully, conducts the session with efficiency and a great sense of humor and hospitality, then she follows through with the edited photo files in quick and complete order. I recommend Fenton’s Faces.